Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Declutter Day 1: Downstairs Bedroom

I would say Day 1 of "5 Days of Decluttering" went well! I decided to go through our downstairs bedroom, and it turns out, there was more in there than I realized. We have an armoir in there that I've had since I moved into my first apartment. I love it!
Since it has lived in our downstairs bedroom, I've always wanted it to be a place where guests can put their luggage. Unfortunately, it had turned into a storage cabinet for beach towels and random items that didn't have a place anywhere else. The piece also has a bottom drawer that houses our DVD collection and that was FULL. Time to purge! I basically took everything out of the cabinet and only put back those things that made sense in the space.



Overall, the project took about 20 minutes and most of that was refolding the mass of beach towels which now have their own place on the top shelf. I think it's safe to say we are all set for summer. :) When I was done, I had a nice donate pile with some mismatched towels, a blanket, a floor mat, a dishpan (?), and a bag of DVDs that I'm not sure we've ever watched. I also cleaned out under the bed, and luckily there wasn't a ton under there: a very old power strip, an old Bluetooth headset, and some exercise bands. All things that could go! There is also a wooden chair in the room that serves no real purpose, and since the non-profit will take furniture, this will find a new home as well. Its nice to think that it will be loved in a new home.

I would still like to do some some rearranging of wall hangings and accessories in this room but overall, this space is done and it feels great! I feel like we're closer than ever to creating a relaxing space for friends and family. Also, I know I'm a day behind with this decluttering project, but I plan on catching up today. Off to tackle kitchen drawers and cabinets! What is one area of your home that has been a thorn in your side? After this project, I have one less. :)

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