Friday, March 28, 2014

Declutter Day 3: Upstairs Bedroom Closet

When we moved into our 4-bedroom home four years ago, it was just Hubby and me. But we knew babies would come along eventually so we wanted to have enough space for our future family. So when we found out TWO babies were on their way, we were thrilled. We got to work turning one of our two extra rooms upstairs into a nursery. Before it was a nursery, it was basically an empty room with a closet that held my long hanging clothes, shoes, and some purses. This closet was emptied to make room for all those cute baby clothes, and I suddenly had to find room for my things in our master bedroom closets. This required some major purging and rearranging (hence the closet makeover I did a couple weeks ago). But even then, some overflow and random items found their way into the closet of the second unused bedroom. However, seeing as how we have two munchkins who will eventually have their own rooms, this closet cannot be storage forever. And besides, we SHOULD have enough room in the rest of the house to store whatever we keep, without using closets in the bedrooms. So I set about clearing that closet out. Here is the closet before:

Not the worst closet I’ve seen (or had in my home) but still everything in it really did not belong. Random Christmas items were put away with the rest of the holiday décor, the extra smoke alarm will be installed in this bedroom soon so there will be one in each of the kids’ rooms, and the shoe organizer will find a new home since I don’t have any vertical space in my closet to hang it. Besides, I did get a different shoe organizer that works much better in our room. Then there was the BOX:

The box of who-knows-what: exercise bands, exercise DVDs, Wii games, random television cables, a power strip, and a myriad of other things. Everything found a new home: either elsewhere in the house or in the donation bag to head to a new home. :) And now for the after pics:

The suit jackets will stay in this closet probably until the end of the year. By then, any that Hubby has worn will find a home in our master bedroom closet and the rest will be donated.

All of this decluttering of the house has been really freeing. It’s so nice to be surrounded by those things we really love and need. I’ll be continuing the process this weekend to get in the full “5 days” and tomorrow’s space has me super stoked: the garage!!

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